Age:  Young enough not to care, Old enough to know better???

Personal:  It's never personal

What does Wheels Off Radio mean to me? - A good time, A great avenue to educate.  A good excuse to crack on my friends.

Experience:  I have plenty.

Interest:  1955 through 1970 General Motors Muscle Cars.  Attempting to broadcast a radio show.  Trying to understand why people do whey they do.

Religion:  I use the Force.

Deep Thoughts:  Never let the operational needs of the business interfere with the administrative requirements.

Education:  Earned around the world.

Self Described Lyrics:  A modern-day warrior, mean mean stride, today's Tom Sawyer mean, mean pride.

Status:  Happy.

Children:  Hell No

Romance:  Enough to keep me "wore out"

Appearance:  Strange.