Age:  Middle

Personal:  Ex-Soldier of Fortune / Lover by Addiction

What does Wheels off Radio mean to me? - I hope it's like a roller coaster, many highs, lows, and some sharp turns in both directions.  I would like to think our goal as a Crew member would be to keep you off balanced, confused, a little shocked, and happy about it.  I would also hope that you spend a great portion of this time with your mid-section in pain from laughter, and a taste of something that makes you wanting more.

Experience:  I have umpteen years of speaking into air waves, not knowing if anyone is listening.

Interest:  Neutralizing continual threats against my life, Krav Maga (look it up), Laying in the Spring Blue Bonnet fields, Allowing the opposite sex to scale my walls of defense and de-man me slowly, All sports even Soccer, and no golf is not a sport, Photography, Music, Voyeurism, Motorcycles, Hot Rods, Weapons, Poems, Mimicking Jeff, Long white beaches, Killing for food, Criticizing stupidity (including Politicians), Driving in mid-day traffic, Amber sunsets, Giggling at the strange.

Religion:  Spiritual.

Deep Thoughts:  I would like to be best known as a lover, and not for the ones I've killed.

Education:  Kollege, Masters in Litaerature.

Self-described Lyrics:  Desperado (Eagles), I'm No Angel (Greg Allman), Lie To Me (Jonny Lang), Perpetual Blues Machine (Keb' Mo')

Status:  Confused.

Children:  I'm sure.

Romance:  Not Lately.

Appearance:  Tall dark and handsome.