Age:  Middle age if I reach 90.

Personal:  For those of you who listen, I am pretty much an open book.

What does Wheels Off Radio mean to me? - One hell of a good time, weekly with my friends.  I learn from, as well as, teach these 3 str8 dudes!  About life!

Experience:  3 years radio experience.  I now have radio experience!

Interest:  DWTS, American Idol, and my annual trip to "The Lease"!

Religion:  Reared Catholic.  Yes, a gay Catholic!  OMG

Deep Thoughts:  Why are PEOPLE STUPID?

Education:  College graduate and my degree has nothing to do with what I do

Self Described Lyrics:  Smokin' in the Boy's Room

Status:  Gay

Children:  None, but I do wait for the knock at the door.

Romance:  Oh it's a whirlwind!

Appearance: 6'4" of MAN, who drives a little car which means I do not have penis issues!